Pregnancy typically alters our posture away from its usual or intended “neutral” alignment and this doesn’t necessarily reverse straight after birth. Particularly when you’re carrying a small person around & bending over them for much of the day!

Whilst every woman is different, it’s extremely common to see:

  • rounded shoulders
  • rounded upper back
  • lowered head
  • hands falling forwards
  • anteriorly tilted pelvis

These (& any other) postural changes impact on the surrounding muscles, which then need strengthening or releasing post birth in order to perform effectively again and to enable you to move well and pain free.

I will focus on this in class, but that’s only for one hour each week. Throughout the rest of the week try to think about your posture and alignment during every day activities such as lifting, bending, sitting & feeding as you’ll spend much more time in these positions. And, if possible, spend a few minutes each day practicing some of the releases and exercises applicable to your posture.



(Credit to Burrell Education for the images)

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