New term details

As you know, my classes don’t stop for half-term and so the next term starts immediately after this one ends (so week commencing 18 February).

It will be a 6-week term for all classes with the exception of the Wednesday morning one, which will be a 5-week term, as there’ll be no class on Wednesday 27 February.

Please let me know asap which class(es) you want to attend next term, noting that your place is only secured upon receipt of payment (to the usual bank account please).

Existing clients always have priority over new clients, so you have until Sunday 10 February to secure your place. New clients will be able to book in from Monday 11 February.

Postnatal classes:

  • Monday 2.30pm, Revive & Thrive class £48 (18/25 Feb and 4/11/18/25 March)
  • Wednesday 10.30am, Revive & Thrive class £40 (20 Feb and 6/13/20/27 March)
  • Thursday 10.30am, Boxercise for moms £48 (21/28 Feb and 7/14/21/28 March)
  • Wednesday 8pm, Tough Mutha – £7 PAYG, moms only, suitable from 6 months postnatal typically
  • There’s a 15% discount for those of you doing 2 classes per week (so £82 for the term) and 30% for 3 (£100 for the term) and, as ever, I’ll do my best to accommodate swaps between classes each week.

Pregnancy class:

  • Wednesday 6.30pm, £60 (20/27 Feb and 6/13/20/27 March)

Thanks as always for your continued support! And please get in touch if you have any questions, upcoming holidays, return to work dates, etc. to work around.


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