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I didn’t exercise regularly pre-pregnancy so I was worried if I would cope. But I did cope, and I felt my strength and fitness building up week by week, despite getting more and more pregnant! I had a good delivery and I do credit Kerry for helping to prepare me physically for that. She’s an absolute superstar!
Katy W
The perfect combination between manageable exercise and socialising with tonnes of opportunities to ask all of my silly first time mum questions and make really valuable friendships that have supported me throughout pregnancy and those first few months (which are tough!)
Sian R
I had Diastasis Recti following the birth of my son and wanted to get back to exercising safely and build strength. Kerry put together a tailored 6 week programme to build core strength. It was lovely to have an hour a week of 'me time' and the exercises were in small chunks that I could incorporate into a busy week. I felt so much stronger in such a short time and I was amazed that within 6 weeks my diastasis had pretty much healed! Thanks so much, Kerry!
Harriet M
I got in touch with Kerry to help me get back into exercise after a C section in December. Before pregnancy I was a keen runner, and although I was desperate to get back out there I was unsure what I should and shouldn't be doing. Kerry was totally brilliant, and thanks to her carefully tailored weekly sessions I am now feeling so much stronger physically, and (perhaps as important!) I have also gained the confidence to get back out there doing the sports I love. She has been so supportive and encouraging, and is always happy to talk openly and honestly about how you're *really* feeling. I honestly can't recommend her highly enough; I wish this level of support was available to all postnatal women!
Imogen P
Kerry's nutrition jumpstart is the single most effective thing I've tried in my life in terms of making sustainable and healthy changes to my diet! A great format - easy to keep up with the daily videos, really informative, a supportive atmosphere, and I felt totally in control of the changes I was making. I'd recommend it!
Karen E
I found Kerry through Facebook shorty after having my first child and she was also recommended by friends. I initially had 3 one to one sessions with her where she gave a tailored pan for my c section recovery that saw me in a few weeks have the confidence and energy to join her postnatal fitness classes which are so fun, friendly and convenient with a babysitter provided (or exercises adapted to hold clingy baby!). I also joined several nutrition jumpstarts and have more recently gone back to one to one sessions as I am pregnant again - Kerry has been so helpful in finding quick wins to lead a more healthy lifestyle and keep myself fit and strong through pregnancy and postnatally and has an incredible way of doing it without acting like a drill sergeant but still holding me to account. She keeps in contact between meetings and is happy to provide additional guidance, videos or links as “homework” too - but again not pushy about it so you can go at your own pace. I cannot recommend Kerry enough as a supportive, knowledgeable and friendly advocate for your total wellbeing as a mum.
Liesal A
Kerry’s post natal classes have been an absolute god send. Having them available online to join live or catch up on has been brilliant throughout lockdown. I’ve loved this flexibility with having two children at home with me. Kerry goes above and beyond with the personal support she offers. Having had 2 c-sections, this has felt really important to me as at times I’ve felt nervous about what exercise I could and couldn’t do. I would also highly recommend Kerry’s nutrition jumpstart. I lost inches without feeling like I was on a restrictive diet. Instead I feel like it’s taught me how to look after my nutrition while still enjoying food! Thanks Kerry!
Holly T
Kerry has been instrumental in my discovery to a healthier path! I've discovered so much and have been very pleased with my results in such a short space of time! I highly recommend Kerry and her services to anyone looking for an insightful and positive path to a new you so go ahead and join jumpstart!
Shabs D
Kerry’s classes have been my saviour! I first found out about them when my first born was six months old and I wished I had known about them sooner. When I found out I was pregnant with twins, they were the first thing I signed up to when they were born. They are a great way of getting out of the house, meeting mums in similar situations and getting your fitness back on track. Kerry is flexible, easy to talk to and with her wealth of knowledge anything pregnancy and postpartum, she has been and still is my first go to! When recommending anything to new mums, Kerry’s classes are at the top of my list! Thanks Kerry for providing such an amazing service.
Lubna L

I started going to Kerry’s class when I was suffering from postnatal depression with a 3 month old baby who screamed every time I tried to leave the house and would only be held by me. I was sceptical about the class, considering myself incredibly unfit, and I wouldn’t have considered it under any other circumstances but it was one of the only things I felt I could do with him where I could have a break, and felt like something positive I could do to make myself feel better.

Kerry’s classes are suitable for absolute beginners like I was but continue to challenge you as your fitness improves with different options. The babysitter does an amazing job keeping all the babies happy, though it’s totally acceptable if you need to take a break to feed or settle your baby...or indeed if your baby needs to ‘help’. The combination of activities in each class mean although you’re doing a lot it doesn’t feel intimidating.

Thanks to these classes, I am fitter, stronger and more confident than I’ve ever been and I absolutely love it! Pre-pregnancy I’d get out of breath walking up the stairs. I recently spent over an hour walking up and down hills with an uncooperative 2 year old on my shoulders and didn’t even break a sweat. The classes and my drastically improved fitness have massively improved my mental heath too. I would (and have) absolutely recommend Kerry and her classes to anyone no matter what their level of fitness. My son is generally a delightful baby now but I’ll be eternally grateful to Kerry and her classes for helping me through a truly harrowing period of my life.

Sharon A
I am really enjoying the exercise classes with Kerry. All activities have many different difficulty levels allowing you to chose exactly the right level of challenge. The classes have been a great introduction to my first exercise after childbirth, especially after a fairly sedentary pregnancy. I can really see the difference in my fitness between classes, and after just a few classes I was able to try some of the more challenging activities. In addition, if life is busy you can watch back the exercise videos in your own time. Kerry really cares for all of her customers, taking the time to get to know everyone. I especially like the daily tips, challenges and ideas that we are sent. Thank you Kerry.
Sarah LD
I went to group classes with my first kid, which were great, so after a tough pregnancy loss I needed something to get me up and going again, and knew Kerry was the person to ask. She listened to what I needed physically and helped me recover. Trust her totally with my fitness and care during and after pregnancy. Thanks Kerry!
Ruth B
Kerry's classes are warm, welcoming and so much fun! I always leave feeling like I've had a real good laugh and a great work out. I strongly recommend the classes! Clare
Clare R
Kerry has been an incredible personal trainer and just what I needed after giving birth to help me recover physically and psychologically. She provides workouts tailored to your specific needs and helps to improve your confidence as well as fitness. I would definitely recommend her!
Donna H

I thoroughly enjoyed Kerry's pregnancy classes, exercises pitched just right and you could work as hard as you wanted to or take it easy if you needed to! Great chance to meet some lovely ladies and chat all things babies.
I also had a pregnancy massage from Kerry which I would thoroughly recommend.
I couldn't wait to get back to class after the arrival of my little one - definitely helped get my mojo back with exercises tailored to recovery.

Helen M

I go to the postnatal class. Kerry is very accommodating and I like how she shows several options for the exercise, so I would recommend the class to anyone who wants to start getting active postpartum.

It's hard to be motivated to exercise when you're alone with the baby, but when you're at the class with Kerry and other mums, you feel like you're not alone and that makes me push through the class. Whenever I finish the class, I always feel so refreshed and good for myself so it's helping me physically and mentally.

Meg T
I have recently joined Kerry's pregnancy exercise class and it has been so much more than I was expecting. The support and guidance has been amazing and the opportunity to meet and connect with other pregnant women going through the same experiences and sharing advice and guidance in such a supportive setting has been invaluable in taking away any first time mum anxiety! I have also received the most amazing massage from Kerry to help with horrible hip pain, where she explained everything she was doing clearly to me and made me feel so at ease. I will be sticking with Kerry for the duration of my pregnancy and afterwards too if she'll have me! And I would recommend her without any hesitation to any expectant mums out there!
Toni H

Probably the best postnatal fitness classes in town! Highly recommended.
The Boxercise class on Thursday mornings is my favourite, it's a proper workout and a great stress release for stressed new mums. The classes are very flexible and the supervised corner for children is genius. You can exercise in peace, but still are able to see your baby. Kerry is an amazing teacher with boundless energy and delivers fun and challenging classes. I also highly recommend Kerry for her massages, my neck and back felt absolutely amazing after I had one.

Gosia F
I was given a new mom moment as a present as I had a baby 7 weeks before my birthday, I wasn’t sure what to expect except a lovely massage (which is always exciting!) but the whole experience with Kelly was so great! We talked about my pregnancy, birth and recovery and what my aims were post natally. She showed me exercises to strengthen my core and pelvic floor and to help me get back into exercise after having a baby. Then the massage was great, I came away feeling looser and much less tense in my back and shoulders from breastfeeding! Kerry followed up by sending me a video of her doing the exercises we talked about so I had a reminder of what to do! Excellent service and Kerry is fantastic!
Laura K
I can’t recommend Kerry’s classes enough. Kerry is such a knowledgeable, warm and genuine person. I had a separation of my abdominal muscles following the birth of my daughter. Kerry kindly tailored the exercises for me during her classes to ensure I was working out but doing so safely and gave me lots of tips and what I should be mindful to improve my core abdominal strength After just 7 weeks with Kerry’s help my physiotherapist said my abdominal gap had closed and was impressed with how quickly I had rectified it, which was all down to kerry. The classes have a friendly environment and there is the added bonus of having another person to occupy the little ones whilst the moms workout The classes are worth every penny and you won’t regret coming along
Anna P