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If you're interested in any of my classes or offerings, in Neal's Yard, or indeed if there's anything else that you think I can help with, please do get in touch...

Or feel free to call / text / WhatsApp me directly on 07970 287043. Alternatively you can send your own email to

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Q. How much do your classes cost?

  • Daytime postnatal classes with supervised children's corner: £8 per session (sold in blocks). This comes down to £6.80 (15% discount) a session if you do two classes a week with me and £5.55 (30% discount) if you do all three.
  • Evening moms only postnatal class: £7 PAYG.
  • Pregnancy class: £10 per session, again sold in blocks.

(For anyone joining partway through a term, the cost will simply be pro-rated.

Q. Is there a workaround/PAYG option if I really want to join, but I can't make the full term of classes?

Should you not be able to commit to the full term for any reason, please speak to me and we can discuss if I have any scope to flex around your existing commitments.

Q. What happens if I can't make my class one week?

Should you not be able to attend your timetabled class one week, you will be offered a chance to make this up in an alternative class in that week only, to the extent that a space exists.

Q. Where are your classes held?

The location of most of my postnatal exercise classes.

The location of my Harborne pregnancy exercise class and my evening postnatal class.