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If you're interested in any of my classes or offerings, in Neal's Yard, or indeed if there's anything else that you think I can help with, please do get in touch...

    Or feel free to call / text / WhatsApp me directly on 07970 287043. Alternatively you can send your own email to

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    Q. What's happening with your offerings during the Covid-19 pandemic?

    I'm currently running a full class timetable online in my Virtual Health & Fitness Club, as well as offering both online & socially distant personal training and postnatal consultations.

    My daytime mom & baby postnatal classes will resume at Moor Pool hall w/c 7 Sept 2020 (see the postnatal page) and the pregnancy and moms only evening Tough Mutha classes are delayed slightly whilst I find another venue.

    Further details on what's changed can be found here:

    The online group will run alongside these to provide more flexibility for clients and to ensure that no-one misses out if they're forced to self-isolate or if we experience another lockdown.

    Massage services are still temporarily suspended as most clients are looking for something more relaxing than me wearing full PPE, but if you're really in need please do get in touch.

    Q. What kit do I need / what should I bring with me?

    As Covid-19 guidelines prevent us from sharing kit as we used to, we’re using resistance bands (with dumbbells being optional) in class to add variety and challenge to the workouts. And so you can keep up the good work at home!

    If you choose to buy the bands from me I offer a set of two longer bands (one with more resistance and one with less) and a mini band loop for £15. But you can source them from all sorts of places (notably Amazon) and there are often free sets to be had on this review website that I’ve used before for lots of other things.

    It's also advisable to bring your own mat with you (although I have spares), a water bottle and to come changed ready to exercise - see the 'Covid-19 guidelines' link above for further detail.

    Q. Where can I find your price list?

    My live booking system is the best way to see the cost of of my various offerings...

    And you can find more detail on the relevant offerings here...

      Q. Is there a PAYG option for classes?

      Both classes and the online group run on a monthly subscription service, which you're most welcome to trial. If this causes you a problem, please get in touch so we can discuss your needs.

      Q. What happens if I join partway through a month or if baby arrives?

      The subscription renews exactly one month from your original payment so you never miss out by joining partway through a month and any credit due to baby arriving will be honoured when you feel up to exercising again post baby.

      Q. What's your cancellation policy? What happens if I can't make my class one week?

      1-2-1 sessions

      I operate a 48 hour cancellation policy across 1-2-1 appointments.

      If you cancel at least 48 hours prior to your appointment, your session can be rescheduled at a convenient time for no additional fee.

      If you cancel a 1-2-1 appointment with less than 48 hours notice, every effort will be made to on-sell your slot, but if I'm unable to do so, you will be charged in full.


      Please give as much notice as possible with class cancellations to allow other people to book in to these popular classes.

      If you can't make your scheduled class one week, and I have a space in another appropriate class that week, you're welcome to join us then instead. If not, you have access to the online workouts so can catch up at home.

      Once purchased gift vouchers and packages are non-refundable and non-transferable.

      Q. Doesn't Boxercise® normally involve lots of running, sit ups, burpees and other things not generally suited to most postnatal women?

      I've made adaptations to retain the ethos and fun of Boxercise® whilst making this a safe postnatal workout. Plus, there are different options available so you can work at your own level.

      Q. How does the supervised children's corner work?

      Unfortunately, I'm no longer able to provide the supervised children's corner I used to due to Covid-19.

      Q. Can I come without my children or if I don't have children at all?

      Absolutely! An hour to yourself is always a positive and whilst the sessions were designed with postnatal women in mind, they're suitable and open to all.

      Q. What payment methods do you accept?

      I've now adopted an online booking system to make payment easier. Please let me know if you have any issues though.

      Q. I need some help with my eating habits as well as my fitness levels. Can you help with this too?

      Absolutely. I'm also a nutrition coach and can support you with making sustainable changes to your diet and lifestyle, as well as looking at things like portion sizes, appropriate calorie targets, etc. Please get in touch to discuss your needs and we can schedule an online or in person appointment.

      From time to time I also run an online challenge which is packed full of education, inspiration and accountability. All of the details can be found at this link and it's been fantastic seeing so many clients make real sustainable changes through the programme.

      Q. Where are your classes held?

      The location of most of my postnatal exercise classes.

      The location of my Harborne pregnancy exercise class and my evening postnatal class.

      Class timetable