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Revive & Thrive - Core & pelvic floor friendly circuits and HIIT training

Wednesdays, 10-11am at Moor Pool Hall, Harborne, B17 9DY and available online

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Most women have some element of weakness in their abdominal muscles or pelvic floor after having a baby and the additional challenges that come from sleep deprivation, postural issues, C-section recovery and lingering pregnancy hormones can make getting back to exercise a daunting experience.

 Take the stress away by joining my specialist class which combines appropriate cardio, strength and conditioning work with stretches and releases to support your recovery, to help you regain & progress your fitness post birth and to help your restrengthen your core and pelvic floor muscles. 

Suitable from 6 weeks post birth (if you had an uncomplicated vaginal birth) or 10-12 weeks post caesarean, my inclusive classes will help you to get back into exercising safely and effectively (even if you weren’t particularly active during pregnancy).

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"Workout Wednesday" Wednesdays, 8-8.30pm via Zoom, with additional workouts throughout the week

Count me in!

Using primarily dumbbells and bodyweight, "Workout Wednesday" brings you short and effective workouts from the comfort of your own home.

Mixing up training methods, you'll get a fun and diverse workout each week featuring AMRAPs (as many rounds as possible), EMOMs (every minute on the minute), partner workouts, giant sets and various other formats.

We come together for one live session per week (Wednesdays, 8-8.30pm, via zoom) and both the recording and additional optional workouts are posted in the WhatsApp group so you can do as much or as little as suits you each week. You simply make your pledge each week, get after the workouts and post in the group to help with accountability, community and motivation.

The programme is included within the monthly membership OR can be purchased separately using the button above or this link.

(N.B. I’m always happy to help with modifications to make the programme accessible to most, and there’ll always be options that are respectful of the pelvic floor, but this programming is not designed with pregnancy or recovery in mind.)


And the following programmes run periodically throughout the year, so please click on the ones that interest you for more information.

Several of them also exist as pre-recorded versions for you to follow in the members area (with Everywoman® being the notable exception).

Holistic Core Restore® Everywoman

This ground breaking 6 or 12-week pelvic floor and core health programme is the gift that truly keeps on giving and one that we feel every woman should experience at least once in her lifetime!

Whilst appropriate for women at any stage of life, this amazing programme really provides the foundation and the missing pieces to the core & pelvic floor puzzle that many women are missing. Because of this, it really is the perfect first step back into exercise post baby.

And it's also the rehab that many women skipped and could do with going back to do. So if you're looking to address any leaking or continence issues, to heal a small tummy gap or to build strength to improve a mild prolapse then this is the programme for you!

Please click here for more details.


Holistic Core Restore® Athlete 12

Athlete 12 is a 12-week progressed pelvic floor friendly HIIT programme, designed with fat loss in mind.

12 weeks of upping your game, upping the intensity, upping the effort and ultimately, 12 weeks of getting fitter, faster and stronger and being able to go for longer, ideally having already built a strong foundation with your core and pelvic floor.

Please click here for more information.


Holistic Core Restore® Menowoman

MenoWoman® is our magical combination of Peri-to-Post Menopause Pelvic Health programming and wider care for women transitioning through Midlife.

Ultimately, Pelvic Health changes during the Peri-to-Post Menopause transition and it’s often a time when women start to notice a change in how their body works in terms of continence, sexual health and overall pelvic wellness.  Compounded by other Menopausal symptoms, this is also often a time when women need a little extra education, support and sisterhood to navigate a changing bodily terrain in order to empower their deepest help.

For more information please click here.


Holistic Core Restore® Fit2Run

This highly effective six week programme, created in collaboration with GB Athlete Chris Stanton, is designed to give you the very best foundation for your new or already established running habit.

From the ground up, we’ll be focusing on the mobility, stability and muscular demands of running.

Fit2Run® will help you to understand the importance of the ankle, hip and spine and the movement patterns that will help you to become an efficient runner whilst minimising injury risk.

Please click here for more details


Holistic Core Restore® Zenwoman

  • Do you live life at 100mph, constantly running between people, jobs and places?

  • Do you feel like you spend your time doing everything for everyone else, but very little for yourself?
  • Are you feeling overwhelmed or worn out?
  • Do you live with anxiety or tension?
  • Do you have trouble sleeping, or a busy brain that struggles to switch off?
  • Have you tried to meditate before, but have struggled to develop a practice? Or you feel like you're doing it wrong?

Yes? Then it's time to make a change. And to make you and your mental health a priority. And ZenWoman® is here to help you do that.

Click here for more details.


How does the on demand bit work?

At a cost of just ONE single personal training session you get access each month to:

  • specialist fitness programmes with modifications to suit all levels, that are respectful of your core and pelvic floor. There are both 'at home' and 'in the gym' options available, plus hundreds of recordings from my popular pregnancy and postnatal classes. And I'm here to guide you every step of the way - I'll help you to decide which programme is right for you now AND where to head next as you get stronger and smash those goals.
  • a weekly Q&A, so you get the benefit of being able to workout flexibly to suit you, whilst still being able to tap into my expertise as needed. I'm here to troubleshoot any problems and to make sure you get the most out of your workouts.
  • live workouts with me and other group members, either (a) in person for my Revive & Thrive weekly postnatal class and/or (b) online via Zoom for whichever programmes I'm teaching live each month. (The recordings of which also end up in the members area).
  • our dedicated members Facebook group where you can share your wins (big and small), seek support as you need it and where we all help to keep each other accountable. This is also where you'll find the weekly Q&A, mini challenges, posts from me on all sorts of things related to fitness, wellness and nutrition and details of upcoming programmes.
  • a release & mobility library designed to help ease tension and facilitate better movement.

And kit wise most workouts are programmed with resistance bands and dumbbells in mind, unless you've opted for a full gym programme.

So effectively you get me as your personal trainer for a fraction of the price and with more flexibility. What's not to love?! And if it doesn't work for you you can cancel your membership at any time.

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      Class FAQs

      Q. What kit do I need / what should I bring with me?

      As Covid-19 guidelines originally prevented us from sharing kit as we used to, we’ve been using resistance bands (with dumbbells being optional) in class to add variety and challenge to the workouts. And so you can keep up the good work at home! Hopefully we're not far off returning to being able to share kit again too.

      If you choose to buy the bands from me I offer a set of two longer bands (one with more resistance and one with less) and a mini band loop for £15. But you can source them from all sorts of places (notably Amazon)

      It's also advisable to bring your own mat with you (although I have spares), a water bottle and to come changed ready to exercise - see the 'Covid-19 guidelines' link above for further detail.

      Q. Can I bring my little one too?

      Absolutely! We have plenty of space for you to bring your pushchair, a bouncer, whatever you can carry to help keep little one entertained and safely out of harm's way. Mobile children are obviously trickier until they get a bit older so please use your judgement.

      Q. Where can I find your price list?

      My live booking system is the best way to see the cost of of my various offerings, so either click the relevant buttons above or this link here...

      Q. Is there a PAYG option for classes?

      Both classes and the online group run on a monthly subscription service, which you're most welcome to trial. If this causes you a problem, please get in touch so we can discuss your needs.

      Q. What happens if I join partway through a month or if baby arrives?

      The subscription renews exactly one month from your original payment so you never miss out by joining partway through a month and any credit due to baby arriving will be honoured when you feel up to exercising again post baby.

      Q. What's your cancellation policy? What happens if I can't make my class one week?

      Thanks to the joys of technology members can either join online from home or watch the recording at their own convenience.

      Please give as much notice as possible with class cancellations though to allow other people to book in to these popular classes.

      Trial class cancellations require 24 hours notice to be rescheduled please.

      Q. Where can I find reviews about your class so I can hear what others have had to say about them?

      Google My Business reviews:

      (follow the link and click on reviews in the top right hand corner.) 

      Facebook reviews: