Holistic Core Restore® Zenwoman


Time to prioritise you and your mental wellbeing

  • Do you live life at 100mph, constantly running between people, jobs and places?

  • Do you feel like you spend your time doing everything for everyone else, but very little for yourself?
  • Are you feeling overwhelmed or worn out?
  • Do you live with anxiety or tension?
  • Do you have trouble sleeping, or a busy brain that struggles to switch off?
  • Have you tried to meditate before, but have struggled to develop a practice? Or you feel like you're doing it wrong?

Yes? Then it's time to make a change. And to make you and your mental health a priority. And ZenWoman® is here to help you do that.

The £70 fee includes:

  • 7 x weekly 1-hour Zoom sessions with me

  • Weekly emails from the programme creator, Jenny Burrell, with your meditation audios.

  • A PDF journal to download, keep and note your thoughts throughout this 7-week journey of meditation, mindfulness and gratitude.

  • Access to a Whatsapp group for support and guidance outside of the live sessions. 

And it's entirely online (via Zoom) so you don't even have to factor in any travel and you can do it from anywhere, in your PJs if you like!

This is the perfect time to revitalise, replenish and rediscover yourself.

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