Mat pay stretcher

Money tends to be tight on maternity leave, so here are a few easy ways to make your maternity pay stretch further (& pay for your workouts & massages!)

Note: Nothing in this article should be construed as financial advice. This is purely a collection of deals and money saving opportunities for you to appraise and consider that I have personally used. Some of them offer kick backs for sharing and so you can do this with your family & friends to earn even more.

  • Don’t underestimate how much money you can make/save when shopping online using discount codes or cash back website. I’ve made over £2,500 now using sites like this.
    • Honey is free to use and uses clever technology to automatically find the best available discount code on the internet and applies it to your purchase. No more searching only to find out the code you have isn’t valid! You can also create alerts for products that you’re looking to buy so you get notified when they drop in price.
    • There are lots of great cash back sites too. These work by finding the retailer you want to buy from and clicking through to their official site from the cash back site instead of going directly. The website gets commission for your purchase and they share it with you. You can have accounts with all 3 if you want to (as I do) and use the one that benefits you most each time, or just pick one and watch the £ add up.
      • Quidco you get a free £10 for signing up via this link which is payable once you’ve earned £5 in cash back
      • Topcashback you get a free £5 for signing up via this link which is payable once you’ve earned £10 in cash back
  • Switch your current account regularly. It really is super simple and straightforward to do and most banks pay upwards of £100 for your business. Websites like are perfect for helping you to find the best deal.
  • Similarly, switch your gas and electricity regularly to make sure that you’re getting the best price – it really is super easy to do. I’m currently using Green Energy Network after a Money Saving Expert comparison and I’ve fixed my tariff for the first time in ages because they were offering the cheapest price by far and because the ridiculously low oil prices that we’ve had lately are bound to be rising soon. If you use my link to switch you‘ll get £60 credit when you switch and your family and friends can share the benefit from your referrals afterwards.
  • Disney+ is offering a free 7 day trial, plus if you subscribe you can share your subscription with others across 4 devices simultaneously (and potentially split the cost).
  • Various fresh food providers give a fab experience in terms of delivering nutritious meals to your door, but they can be pricey. Keep the price down by signing up via referral links, sharing them with friends (so you both benefit) and periodically deactivating your account so that they send you offers to rejoin.
    • Hello Fresh £20 off your first order if you follow this link
    • Gousto 50% off your first box and 30% off your first month with this link
  • You can get a free trial of washing powder and/or dishwasher tablets with SMOL, which gets posted through your door, so perfect in the current climate!
  • Here’s a link for £5 off at Who Gives a Crap, the makers of environmentally friendly toilet rolls who give away 50% of their profits to build toilets for those in need.
  • And obviously make sure that you’re up to speed in terms of COVID-19 related support. Again, MoneySavingExpert have a number of great guides for employees & the self-employed, on finances & bills, on universal credit & benefits, travel rights & life in lockdown. There’s also some specific guidance on how mat pay interacts with being furloughed.

I’ll add more ideas as I think of them, but the final thing to note is that there are increasingly sophisticated apps out there, which are fabulous at helping you to save and manage your money.

  • Curve offer a FREE blue debit card that you can link to as many of your debit and credit cards as you like. The impact being that you only ever need to carry one card with you to pay for everything and you choose on the app which account it should then take the money from. Plus you get £5 free with this link if you sign up using promo code DWGGJG4E and they offer cash back on purchases with certain big retailers too, so win win! (Plus you can then refer on other family and friends)
  • Chip securely connects to your bank account and cleverly calculates lots of little amounts that you can afford to save without it impacting your life and then automatically makes that transfer for you (which you can stop if you need to), paying up to 5% interest on your account. (You can get your money out at any time too, should things change). Sign up using code QDAS69 to get 1% interest initially.