Postnatal recovery


Most women have some element of weakness in their abdominal muscles or pelvic floor after having a baby and the additional challenges that come from sleep deprivation, postural issues, C-section recovery and lingering pregnancy hormones can make getting back to exercise a daunting experience. Take the stress away by:

  • joining one of my post natal exercise classes 
  • by allowing me to design a bespoke programme for you, or
  • by booking in for a massage to relieve your stress and tension

Whatever you choose, you’ll benefit from expert functional training that will help your body to recover from birth, cope with the demands of motherhood and day-to-day life and ultimately getting back to the sports and activities that you love.

Postnatal classes


My specialist postnatal exercise programmes combine appropriate cardio, strength and conditioning work with stretches and releases to support your recovery, to help you regain & progress your fitness post birth and to help your restrengthen your core and pelvic floor muscles. 

And my Boxercise® For Moms class combines boxing training (without getting hit!) and exercise in a fun, stress busting session, which is underpinned by the key principles of postnatal recovery.

Suitable from 6 weeks post birth (if you had an uncomplicated vaginal birth) or 10-12 weeks post caesarean, my inclusive programmes will help you to get back into exercising safely and effectively (even if you weren’t particularly active during pregnancy).

I also run a more intense and challenging full body bootcamp for those with strength in their core & pelvic floor & a level of fitness already. (With regressions / alternative options available if you can't make the other classes, but still want to join in safely.)




When & where:

Revive & Thrive postnatal classes

  • Mondays, 1.15-2.15pm at Moor Pool Hall, The Circle, Harborne. B17 9DY
  • Wednesdays, 10.15-11.15am at Moor Pool Hall, The Circle, Harborne. B17 9DY

Boxercise® for moms - not currently permitted because of Covid-19 distancing requirements. Instead I'm weaving bits of appropriate boxing training into the other online and in-person postnatal sessions.

Full body bootcamp (previously Tough Mutha) - Wednesday evenings, 8-9pm at Moor Pool Hall, The Circle, Harborne. B17 9DY.

Cost: (There's a 2nd option below for Tough Muthas who just want live classes only and need flexibility around work / childcare, etc of an evening, so please read on...)

£40 per month subscription to attend whichever 4 live classes suit your diary best. PLUS unlimited access to the following online content:

  • additional workouts and challenges to follow at home;
  • a library of videos on mobility / release work to help ease any aches and pains and to get you moving freely
  • a series of rehab focused videos covering topics like Diastasis, pelvic floor dysfunction, breathing, etc.;
  • and access to our WhatsApp community of amazing moms and moms-to-be!

Plus there's an option to purchase resistance bands should you need them and want to source them from me.

(The subscription renews exactly one month from your original payment so you never miss out by joining partway through a month.)

Full body bootcamp alternative: you buy a 6 or 12 class pass which you have 6 months to use and you simply book into the live classes (with as much or as little notice as you like), on a first come first served basis. Please select the voucher option when booking. PLEASE NOTE: this option does not give you access to any of the online content listed above.

AND FOR ALL CLASSES, if you're really unsure, you're welcome to book a single trial to see what you think before committing for the longer term. Please get in touch for a link.

Kit requirements: as Covid-19 guidelines prevent us from sharing kit as we used to, please bring some resistance bands and dumbbells (or weighted objects like water bottles) with you to add variety and challenge to the workouts. (I do have some spares - more bands than dumbbells though -  so please get in touch if you need to borrow any.)

If you choose to buy the bands from me I offer a set of two longer bands (one with more resistance and one with less) and a mini band loop for £15. But you can source them from all sorts of places (notably Amazon) and there are often free sets to be had on this review website that I’ve used before for lots of other things.

It's also advisable to bring your own mat with you (although I have spares), a water bottle and to come changed ready to exercise - see the 'Covid-19 guidelines' link above for further detail.


1-2-1 personal training


I also offer 1-2-1 personal training (both online & socially distant) for those of you that would prefer a bespoke programme designed around your fitness and recovery needs. 

Our first session will be a detailed consultation so that I can design the right programme for you (with a focus on core & pelvic floor strength) and you'll benefit from guidance on nutrition & self care, and email and phone support outside of the sessions.

I'll provide you with resistance bands to keep / for homework (assuming you're booking multiple sessions) and I'll use my extensive collection of kit, as appropriate, in sessions.

Plus, there is the opportunity to substitute a personal training session for a massage (with sufficient warning) to help relieve aches and pains or to just help you relax. 

Where: your home /  mine / in a mutually agreed outside space.

When: subject to my availability, which tends to be weekday daytimes

Cost£40 per hour if you purchase a minimum of 3 sessions or £45 per hour if booked individually (see here for package details

Postnatal massage


If you're looking for a restorative & soothing, yet results focused massage that eases the aches of pains of mom life and postnatal recovery, look no further.

Having specialised in postnatal massage I have tried & tested techniques to help with things like c-section scar discomfort, diastasis, back & pelvic pain, carpel tunnel, knee pain, jaw pain, etc.

And the more general benefits of massage will also help you to reduce anxiety and stress and to sleep better (where little one allows).

(And in terms of timing, you can book a massage with me from 10 days post birth if you had a straightforward vaginal delivery and 12 weeks post c-section, subject to any health concerns or massage contraindications.)


Brilliant class run by someone who understands post natal body challenges - particulaly that pesky pelvic floor and abdominal separation. Definitely break a sweat and great to meet other mums. The babysitting service while you work out is also fab. Great value for money.

You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream.
Hayley O'Sullivan

I love that I’m challenged at all times and that I can trust my return to fitness (pelvic floor/abs) is in safe hands and not being pushed in ways that it shouldn’t.

Sian Robinson

Kerry’s classes are brilliant. Great that little ones are welcome and occupied! There is a really friendly atmosphere in class and Kerry is super knowledgeable. The exercise options provided ensure you get a fab workout tailored to how your body is feeling post partum.

Tasha Fry

Whatever your level, Kerry is really welcoming and makes sure you go at the right pace for you - with lots of options if you need to slow it down or make it tougher! She’s especially knowledgeable about post-natal recovery, with a good focus on pelvic floor and core health.

I was struggling to build up my strength enough to get back into exercising, but I’ve seen a huge difference in how strong I am each week and it’s really given me the confidence to throw myself back into it and really push myself again. Thank you Kerry!

Natalie Barton-Howes

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