Being fit and active during pregnancy has well documented benefits for both mom and baby, but knowing how to safely adapt your workouts to your changing body, or knowing where to start if you weren’t particularly active before pregnancy, can be challenging.

As can dealing with the aches and pains that pregnancy typically brings with it and understanding the complexity of the pelvic floor and “those” exercises that your midwife asks you about from time to time.

Take the stress away by:

  • joining my pregnancy class (STILL PERMITTED UNDER CURRENT COVID-19 GUIDELINES),
  • allowing me to design a bespoke programme for you, or
  • booking in for a massage to relieve your stress and tension.

Whatever you choose, you’ll benefit from expert functional training that will help your body to cope with the demands of pregnancy, labour and day-to-day life as a mom.

Pregnancy class

My specialist pregnancy exercise programmes combine appropriate cardio, strength and conditioning work with stretches and releases to keep you active throughout pregnancy.

Suitable from 12-40 weeks pregnant and for all abilities, my sessions will help your body to cope with the demands of pregnancy, labour and day-to-day life (even if you weren’t particularly active before pregnancy).

And all of my pregnancy clients have a priority place in my schedule and post-natal programmes when little one arrives.

Class details

When: Wednesday evenings, 6.30-7.45pm

Where: Moor Pool Hall, The Circle, Harborne. B17 9DY.

Cost: For £40 per month, you get the weekly class itself (which is also live streamed via Zoom and recorded for those that can't make it) as well as additional online content in the form of:

  • a library of videos on mobility / release work to help ease any aches and pains and to get you moving freely;
  • additional workouts and challenges to follow at home;
  • a series of prehab & rehab focused videos covering topics like Diastasis, pelvic floor dysfunction, breathing, etc.;
  • and access to our WhatsApp community of amazing moms and moms-to-be!

Plus there's an option to purchase resistance bands should you need them and want to source them from me.

(The subscription renews exactly one month from your original payment so you never miss out by joining partway through a month.)

Kit requirements: as Covid-19 guidelines prevent us from sharing kit as we used to, please bring some resistance bands and dumbbells/tins/weighted objects with you to add variety and challenge to the workouts. (I do have some spares, so please get in touch in advance if you need to borrow any.)

If you choose to buy the bands from me I offer a set of two longer bands (one with more resistance and one with less) and a mini band loop for £15. But you can source them from all sorts of places (notably Amazon) and there are often free sets to be had on this review website that I’ve used before for lots of other things.

It's also advisable to bring your own mat with you (although I have spares), a water bottle and to come changed ready to exercise - see the 'Covid-19 guidelines' link above for further detail.


1-2-1 personal training


I also offer 1-2-1 personal training (both online & socially distant) for those of you that would prefer to have a bespoke programme designed around your fitness and needs. 

Our first session will be a detailed consultation so that I can design the right programme for you and you'll benefit from guidance on nutrition & self care, and email and phone support outside of the sessions.

I'll provide you with resistance bands to keep / for homework (assuming you're booking multiple sessions) and I'll use my extensive collection of kit, as appropriate, in sessions.

Plus, there is the opportunity to substitute a personal training session for a massage (with sufficient warning) to help relieve aches and pains or to just help you relax. 

Where: your home /  mine / in a mutually agreed outside space. (Please note that personal training is still permitted, both outside and at home, under the current Covid-19 guidelines as we'll remain socially distant and I have appropriate PPE).

When: subject to my availability, which tends to be weekday daytimes (excluding Friday)

Cost: £40 per hour if you purchase a minimum of three sessions or £45 per hour if booked individually (see here for package details

Pregnancy massage


If you're looking for a restorative & soothing, yet results focused massage that eases the aches of pains of pregnancy, look no further.

Having specialised in pregnancy massage I have tried & tested techniques to help with things like back & pelvic pain, piriformis pain / sciatica, carpel tunnel, etc.

And the more general benefits of massage will also help you to reduce anxiety and stress and to sleep better (where bump allows).

(And in terms of timeframe, you can book a massage with me from your 12-week / dating scan, subject to any medical concerns or contraindications.)

Blogs & recommendations

Several of my clients talk about the benefits of staying active during pregnancy with Birmingham Women's Hospital midwife Shantelle.


I didn’t exercise regularly pre-pregnancy so I was worried if I would cope. But I did cope, and I felt my strength and fitness building up week by week, despite getting more and more pregnant! I had a good delivery and I do credit Kerry for helping to prepare me physically for that. She’s an absolute superstar!

Katy Wakin

The perfect combination between manageable exercise and socialising with tonnes of opportunities to ask all of my silly first time mum questions and make really valuable friendships that have supported me throughout pregnancy and those first few months (which are tough!)

Sian Robinson

For someone who has never really done classes for anything before, I really feel these classes have improved my fitness, confidence and generally lifted my mood. Kerry is absolutely brilliant and the classes cover more than just fitness - I’ve learned loads about labour, birth plans and general motherhood.

Carly Bridger

Kerry is a great motivator and definitely cares about the wellness of her clients, couldn’t ask for someone more committed.

Eadaoin Ilten

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