My next online nutrition & wellness jumpstart will start on Monday 7 January 2019 with the sole purpose of helping you to feel better in and about yourself and to have more energy and resilience to cope with “mom life”. (As well as breaking free from the Christmas excesses!)

More specifically, it will help you to:

  • reset your nutrition and break bad habits that might be impacting upon your energy levels and/or weight loss goals
  • lower your stress levels and to sleep better (...when the kids give you the opportunity to!)
  • have more energy
  • move more
  • make time for yourself and your own needs
The focus of each week is as follows...
  • week 1 - lots of education, guidance and practical tools around nutrition, which includes recipe ideas and inspiration from me and others in the group
  • week 2 - with good nutrition underpinning things, we'll then move on to address the impact of stress on our health, wellbeing & weight, with lots of practical ideas around making more time for you and your needs
  • week 3 - now that your body is well fuelled and you're feeling good, we've got a great base to start adding movement and exercise to.
  • plus the all important accountability that comes from being part of such a group, which will be running via WhatsApp with a Facebook option for those that want it.

Are you with us? It’s time to focus on yourself…for your own health and wellbeing and because of how vitally important you are to family life.

(* The cost is £30, payable in advance, via the Paypal link below - just click the button - by bank transfer or your usual class payment method.)
I feel more motivated to be more healthy and active. This challenge has been a good kick up the bum to get started rather than just thinking about it…I was using sugar to combat tiredness after waking multiple times in the night with my son. And this has helped me to feel like I am doing something with real moms who experience similar day to day challenges. It makes things feel more achievable.

Here what others have had to say about the challenge here...

There is no diet that will do what eating healthy does…

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