"The perfect body is the one that you're comfortable in."
Kerry Cox

I'm Kerry Cox, a personal trainer, group exercise instructor & soft tissue therapist specialising in pregnancy and postnatal recovery. As you'll quickly discover, my passion lies in helping women to workout safely and effectively during pregnancy, to rehab post birth and to get back to the activities and sports that they love.

Running fitness classes in Harborne, and offering personal training and massage in the surrounding area and Solihull, I have years of experience supporting women through these important changes in their lives.

I've built an enviable reputation in Birmingham with my hugely popular classes, which are endorsed by hundreds of Brummie Mummies and the team at Harborne Physio (home of the "Mummy MOT"). What makes them special is the:

  • specialist instruction so you can exercise with confidence throughout your pregnancy and postnatal recovery, with a focus on your core and pelvic floor
  • supervised children's corner in my postnatal classes
  • practical birth preparation in my pregnancy class with a focus on postnatal recovery
  • amazing network of local moms for support, friendship & laughter

And my magic hands will help to relieve your aches and pains with a restorative and soothing, yet results focused massage. (Using only organic, chemical free products given that our skin is our largest organ and what we put on it matters).

    Outside of work I'm a lifelong student and mom to two young children, 5 year old Lily and 3 year old Thea, so I understand the challenges of mom life and trying to get your workouts in only too well.

    If you have any questions at all you can contact me on 07970 287043, at femalefitnessmatters@gmail.com or via the social media links below.

    About Female Fitness Matters

    Here's a peek into one of my pregnancy exercise classes...

    And here are a few images from across my classes to give you a better idea of some of what we get up to...

    If you want to learn more about my background and extensive qualifications in this area and how my business came to be then have a watch of my interview with Birmingham Women's midwife Shantelle for Fit For Expecting UK and Fitness Tube UK.

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