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There are lists upon lists online advising you on what to pack in your hospital bag and ultimately you need to take whatever items make you feel most comfortable and relaxed, as well as those practical necessities of course!

This blog instead shares the best selling (and multiple award winning in most cases) Neal’s Yard products bought & recommended by expectant and new moms.

Hospital bag

  • Facial mists – consistently reported as an absolute must for the hospital bag (particularly the white tea one), facial mists calm, refresh and rehydrate the skin using blends of certified organic essential oils.
  • Remedies to roll – pocket sized pick me ups made with pure essential oils which you roll on your pulse points for a wellbeing boost. Typically ‘relaxation’ for you and ‘energy’ for your birth partner.
  • Wild rose beauty balm – the number one bestselling product at Neal’s Yard, this multiple award winning multipurpose balm boosts skin’s radiance and moisture and can be used (amongst other ways) as an exfoliating cleanser, a facial mask, a dry skin boost & a lip balm. It’s also great on cuticles!
  • Mothers massage oil – perfect for calming massages before, during or after labour and also great for massaging stretch mark prone areas.

(And don’t leave it until the stage in your pregnancy when you’re packing your hospital bag to get your hands on a jar of Mother’s balm. This 100% organic and fragrance-free balm improves the appearance of stretch marks, making it the ideal gift for new mums and mum-to-be. With a blend of skin-nourishing oils and beeswax, it’s also clinically proven to increase skin’s firmness and elasticity.)

For baby

(All of these products are gentle enough to be used on newborns from 3kg/6lb 10oz+ and are products I still use on my girls now…well apart from the barrier cream which we no longer need now we’re a nappy free household — wahoo!) 

  • Barrier cream – award winning cream which will keep baby’s bum soft and comfortable.
  • Baby bath & shampoo – a gentle cleansing wash for skin and hair which blends relaxing organic lavender essential oil with mild vegetable based cleansers to care for baby’s delicate skin.
  • Baby massage oil – massage (whether done formally in a baby massage class or on your own at home) makes for a really soothing, bonding experience. And this 100% organic oil is perfect for gently softening baby’s delicate skin and is infused with chamomile, rose and lavender essential oils.
  • Baby balm – still my go to product for any “scratchy bits” (the technical term in our household for when either of mine have patches of dry skin).

For postnatal recovery

  • Neal’s Yard’s rosehip oil is amazing for c-section scar massage. It’s super nourishing, improves skin texture and tone, lasts for ages (even when used daily) and it’s also great for stretch marks.

And the full range of organic beauty & health products stocked by Neal’s Yard Remedies Organic can be found here.

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