How to book into class

1. Navigate to the booking page on my website

2. Choose subscriptions

3. Decide which of the subscriptions is best suited to you. You have the option of a live/in-person membership which gives you a spot in class four times a month (classes to suit you) OR an online only option.

AND each option allows you to purchase a resistance band set from me OR to source your own. I will have some spares, but Covid-19 guidelines prevent us from all sharing kit as we used to, so we’re going to use resistance bands (with dumbbells being optional) to add variety and challenge to our workouts. And so you can keep up the good work at home!

As detailed in the picture if you choose to buy the bands from me I’m offering a set of two longer bands (one with more resistance and one with less) and a mini band loop for £10. But you can source them from all sorts of places (notably Amazon) and there are often “free” sets of differing qualities to be had on this review website that I’ve used before for other things.

4. Enter your personal details, make sure you’re comfortable with the disclaimer and click ‘pay now and complete order’.

IF YOU HAVE CREDIT FROM CLASSES PRE LOCKDOWN, please get in touch and I’ll generate an appropriate discount code for you.

5. Enter your card details and click ‘pay and finish’

6. If you’ve chosen a live/in-person subscription, click ‘schedule’ to guarantee your space in your chosen class, noting that classes recommence Mon 7 September 2020.

(And if you subscribe in advance of classes restarting, I’ll ensure that your next payment is not triggered until your first week is complete)

7. Choose which class(es) you’d like to attend – i.e. Monday or Wednesday and click “sign up”.

8. Your phone/computer should automatically populate the code that your order generated, but in case it doesn’t check back on your email confirmation and input it here.

Your place is class is not guaranteed until you have reserved your specific space.

9. Your booking is now complete and I’ll grant you access to the online group at an appropriate point.

10. Please remember to fill in your completed screening questionnaire in advance of class, to get in touch with any questions and to book into class as your subscription renews each week on a Sunday. Spaces are allocated on a first come first served basis. And you can cancel your subscription at any time using the link in your email receipt.

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