The humble sprout…and Covid-19

Love them or hate them, sprouts always feature highly on the list of festive foods and they should rank more highly all year round because of their amazing properties.

Did you know that sprouts are a good source of…?

  • vitamin A (so great for your skin & eyes)
  • B vitamins and folic acid (which is even more essential when it comes to fertility and pregnancy)
  • vitamin C (so great for your immune system and a much better source of it than oranges)
  • vitamin K (so great for blood clotting & wound healing)
  • iron (so super helpful if you’re anaemic)
  • dietary fibre (which is exactly what healthy digestive system needs)

And it’s overcooking sprouts that makes them smell like rotten eggs (due to the sulforaphane in them, which the sprout uses as a protective mechanism to stop insect predators from damaging it), so try grilling, roasting or sautéing them instead.

On the subject of sulforaphane (I’m definitely straying outside my area of expertise here), there’s research to suggest that this compound (found in sprouts and other brassicas, so think broccoli, cabbage, kale, etc.) activates positive immune pathways in the body that are anti-inflammatory, anti-viral and potentially have a protective effect on the lungs. So even more beneficial in these crazy Covid-19 times. Something I’m off to research in a bit more depth! Either way there’s no downside to eating them as long as they’re fresh and cooked, as appropriate. Enjoy!

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