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Welcome to my 3-week digital nutrition jumpstart, which will give you the skills you need to:

  • cut through the confusion about what’s healthy and what’s not
  • eat appropriate sized portions without lots of weighing and measuring or calorie counting
  • be able to eat out and have treats without undoing all of your efforts
  • increase your energy levels and achieve your weight loss goals. (Which in turn will leave you feeling better, in and about, yourself with more resilience to cope with “mom life”.)
  • break bad habits in a sustainable way and reset your nutrition
  • meal plan effectively 
  • change your view of food
And we’ll achieve this using lots of tried and tested tools from previous jumpstarts and my studies as a nutrition coach.
More specifically, you’ll get daily videos providing relevant information, motivation, tools and things for you to consider.
AND assuming you’ve joined one of the challenge dates (as opposed to just going it alone), you’ll also have the all important:
  • the positive accountability, support & motivation that comes from being part of a community 
  • several check in points to take stock of where you’re at and what you might need next
  • the sharing of recipes and real life ideas from me & the others in the group to make this fun, easy & tasty. No-one wants to eat bland food & feel deprived!
We’ll also cover lifestyle issues like stress, sleep, menstrual cycles, movement and exercise, because we know what a significant impact they have on our eating habits.

So if you’re ready to boost your energy levels & feel great click the button below and join us.

(To be clear, this is not a diet plan. I don’t believe in diets and people rarely stick to them in the long term. This is focused on helping you to make sustainable changes in a way that leaves you feeling energised and positive, not deprived.)


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