Success breeds success

Us women tend to be far too critical of ourselves, always focusing on what we need to change or improve on, what we’re bad at, how far away we are from our goals, etc. And this mindset has a real impact on our happiness, our motivation and our general self-esteem.

So today I want you to flip this on its head and I want you to celebrate the wins, however big or small. And ideally to include some smaller wins, because they’re just as worthy and they add up. Rarely does a big success come from one single action…there’s typically a lot of consistent graft gone on behind the scenes that has contributed to it – just like the last chop of the axe that finally splits the wood.

So let me know this week what 3 things you’re proud. Not buts, no downplaying, no comparisons to others, just state them loud and proud and let’s motivate and congratulate each other. Success breeds success remember!

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