No mud, no lotus

I was listening to a guided meditation recently that spoke to this phrase and I thought it was a fabulous sentiment to hold in your mind when things feel tough or uncertain.

Whilst it’s entirely natural to turn away from challenge (or indeed pain), in any area of our lives, there’s often huge benefit from acknowledging and sitting with our feelings, and from tackling challenges head on. Overcoming adversity and finding a way past negativity can be a real source of growth and transformation.

The metaphor is based on the fact that lotus flowers start their journey beneath muddy water, having to push through the murky darkness to reach the sun and be able to unfurl and reveal their beauty.

And in much the same way, happiness typically lies beyond the challenges that we face. So channel your inner lotus today…acknowledge and accept how you’re feeling and face your challenges with positivity and belief, knowing that difficulties are an inextricable part of experiencing the highs in life.

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