Boxercise® for moms

Women love boxing in my experience. It’s always noted when I leave it out of the circuits in both my pregnancy and postnatal classes.

Not every woman feels confident in a boxing gym, however, or in male dominated classes with reputations for beastings or where throwing up is a badge of honour. And if you’re a postnatal women with a weak core and pelvic floor…well that’s a whole new challenge to have to deal with.

This is why I’m so excited about launching Boxercise® for moms in a few weeks time. It couldn’t be more perfect for my client base! It’s a great training method that:

  • works all major muscle groups;
  • is brilliant fun;
  • is the ultimate stress reliever;
  • develops skills like hand-eye coordination, balancing, timing and technique;
  • is suitable for all levels of ability; and
  • has options depending on where your core and pelvic floor is at.

Plus with my twist on it, you also get a supervised children’s corner so there’s no need to worry about childcare!

If you’ve done Boxercise® before, you may be worried about the impact of some of the beasting drills (that typically involve LOTS of burpees, lots of running around, sit-ups, etc.) on your core and pelvic floor or generally on your current fitness level. Don’t be. Being a postnatal fitness specialist, I’ve adapted class so that you can workout just as effectively, at your own level, without the impact and abdominal pressure created by some of those exercises.

Equally, if you’re further down your recovery and you want more of a challenge, class has that too.

So channel your inner Ali and come along and join us for the ultimate mom workout! (Details of how to sign up are here)

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