Like a really good sports bra…for your core

Your core and pelvic floor muscles are typically something that you only learn about and focus on when they let you down. And if you’ve experienced this firsthand, you’ll know just how big an impact this can have on your life.

This is certainly true of Yvonne Brady, the Founder of EVB Sport. In a well intentioned attempt to get fit and feel good after baby number 3, Yvonne took up running and trained for a marathon (which she achieved!), but at the cost of her continence. The high impact and repetitive nature of her training was more than her core could handle at that point in time and wetting herself whilst running was a real low.

Yvonne’s story (which you can read about further here) has the happiest of endings though. Not only did she seek help from a women’s health physiotherapist to strengthen her core, but she also put her engineering skills to the test and developed stylish supportive sports wear to help other women protect their cores and prevent irreversible damage.

Whilst EVB sport shorts obviously don’t magic away any weakness in the core (and you ABSOLUTELY should seek support in strengthening it still), they do provide invaluable support to the pelvic area* & a lift to the pelvic floor that helps to:

  • reduce stress incontinence in the short term;
  • prevent pelvic organ prolapse; and
  • ease certain types of back and pelvic pain caused by instability (as they encourage the correct positioning of the pelvis).

So next time you put on your sports bra or invest in a new one ladies, think about the potential benefits of supporting your core too!


(* More specifically, to the pelvic girdle, lower abdomen and lower back with a lifting up effect to the perineum and pelvic floor. The effect of this support optimises pelvic floor, lower abdominal and back muscle activation and increases proprioception of the muscles and compression of the pelvic girdle joints.)





Credit: EVB Sport

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