No diet will do what eating healthy does

…so skip the diet!

There have been a couple of mantras at the heart of my recent online challenge and this has definitely been one of them. Momlife is hectic and finding time to prioritise your health and wellbeing can feel impossible…particularly when you’re sleep deprived. But it absolutely is doable and it plays a huge role in aiding your postnatal recovery (as well as your general sanity & wellbeing). Don’t take my word for it though…

“It hasn’t felt hard to accomplish and I don’t feel like I’ve been depriving myself of anything…I feel less sluggish, I’ve lost cm of all of my measurements…and I have a more positive outlook now that I can achieve a healthier lifestyle.” – Katie

“I feel like a different person…it also feels good to have lost almost 2 inches off my tum and definitely encourages me to keep the more thoughtful eating up.” – Carley

“Just been for my first full 5k run with no stops, no urges for the toilet, that’s the result of no coffee and a focused healthy eating goal thanks to this programme. Very knackered but happy” – Jo

“I’ve achieved my goal of not eating chocolate every single day as a matter of routine and being a chocaholic have been surprised by how I haven’t missed it like I thought I would. My biggest takeaway is the sustainable baby steps that I’ve made and building on this. Getting a Fitbit has also encouraged me to make an effort to take a little walk as a family post tea to get the steps up, some fresh air and a bit of quality family time to boot, so win win I’d say.” – Emma

“I feel more motivated to be more healthy and active. This challenge has been a good kick up the bum to get started rather than just thinking about it…I was using sugar to combat tiredness after waking multiple times in the night with my son. And this has helped me to feel like I am doing something with real moms who experience similar day to day challenges. It makes things feel more achievable” – Emily

“The group has made a real difference in terms of both inch loss and keeping me going as time goes by and I’ve struggled to maintain” – Becs

“The groups chats and ideas are just what I need to kick start back to where I feel I was pre-baby” – Kate

“I’m really pleased with the sustainable changes I’ve made so far thanks to this group. I’ve reduced my caffeine intake from 6/7 cups to 1 tea a day, I’ve had a couple of treats as desserts rather than eating sweet things mindlessly throughout the day and I’ve had proper, nutritious food for each meal (rather than snacking on sweet things and skipping meals). And I’m happy because this is something I can sustain and will be healthier for.” – Abi

“I’ve enjoyed the daily videos – they were a good way to start my day thinking about my health and wellbeing. Treats are now exactly that and I can enjoy them without feeling guilty. And I’ve ordered a Fitbit for my birthday (and one for hubby) so we can be more focused on our activity levels.” – Emma

If this sounds like something you’d benefit from, sign up here to be notified when the next challenge kicks off.

You’ll be reaping similar benefits in no time thanks to the daily guidance, inspiration and encouragement to make small sustainable changes to eat & feel better, to move more and to make more time for you. It’s about baby steps that add up and make a difference over time, not re-writing your routines and habits instantly (which we all know doesn’t last). There’s no judgement, no strict diet plans and no starting again on Monday because there’s no guilt or failure in any choices we make…


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