Why join my pregnancy exercise class?

I regularly get asked about the benefits (and safety considerations) of exercising whilst pregnant and why my pregnancy exercise classes are different, so here goes…

The benefits:

1. This is perhaps the most obvious one…helping you to stay active throughout your pregnancy. It’s perfectly safe for most women to exercise during pregnancy and doing so can make you more physically prepared for labour (which is a very real physical challenge), it can help you to feel good, sleep better & to have more energy at a time when there’s so much going on in your body and it can help to reduce the risk of certain complications and complaints, as well as helping with aches and pains. And part of this absolutely includes healthy weight gain. Class also leaves women much more informed about birth, postnatal recovery, pelvic floor muscles & how to support their changing body.

2. The second benefit is around helping women to find their ‘mom-tribe’, so other women who they can share the highs and lows of pregnancy and motherhood with. Having a baby is truly life-changing in a way that you can’t fully prepare for and many women find themselves at home leading a very different life when baby arrives whilst their friends and family are carrying on as before and this can be really lonely and challenging sometimes. Mom friends often provide some of the most crucial support and friendship and often at ungodly hours as they’re living and breathing something similar themselves.

3. The last key benefit is around birth preparation and information sharing. Whilst every women’s experience of pregnancy, labour and motherhood is different, there are common complaints, concerns and questions that come up time and time again. We tackle these briefly in our check-ins at the start of class and more fully at the end where we talk about a different topic each week connected to pregnancy, labour and the early postnatal period. It’s a great opportunity to impart some information, to tackle any concerns and for the women to share experiences and to get to know each other.

And these last two benefits continue outside of class with our WhatsApp groups, which are regularly filled with recommendations, questions, meet ups and amazing birth stories and gorgeous new baby photos.

If this sounds like it’s for you them come along and join us. You can book in for a trial class here.

Or if you want to hear more about the benefits of staying active during pregnancy then listen to what some of my clients had to say to Birmingham Women’s Hospital midwife Shantelle…

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