My association with From Bumps 2 Babies

After several fabulous years operating as Frombumps2babies Birmingham, I’ll be trading exclusively through my own Female Fitness Matters brand going forwards (when those ejits at Facebook finally allow me to update my page name, that is!)

This is purely down to circumstances changing over time. As many of you know, I’ve recently added Boxercise® for moms to my offerings, with pregnancy, postnatal & sports massage coming in 2019, and there’s much more on the horizon. And Frombumps2babies is evolving to reflect Linda’s specialist skillset as an experienced midwife and educator, with a focus on serving the women of Sutton Coldfield.

So in practice, what will be different? The short answer is nothing. All of my classes will continue to run as before, with me continuing to programme the sessions. I’ll no longer be using the names Mumfit and Birthfit though, so if you have any genius ideas for the rebrand of my classes please feel free to fire them in my direction!

Linda and I will continue to work together with her referring Birmingham based fitness enquiries to me and her practical birthing, Hypnobirthing and other midwifery led offerings remain available to all of my clients.

The success of my classes has very much been driven by the amazing recommendations that you’ve all given to friends, family and colleagues and I’m so grateful and humbled by this. It means a lot to know that my sessions have made such a difference to you and your support in building my business is massively appreciated. Please continue to do this, just referring to me and Female Fitness Matters now, rather than Frombumps2babies, to avoid any confusion going forwards.

And if you’d like to leave a review on any of the platforms below to help me with this new found independence and rebrand, that would be fab. I really do have the best job and clients! Thank you all so much xx

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