Returning to class in a world with COVID-19

My priority is ensuring that everyone is safe, so here’s what’s changed with classes and how I’ll be mitigating the potential risks that we all face.


  • You’ll have your own 3m squared space for you and little one to ensure that you have space to move in any direction safely and to give little one some space given that we’re prevented from having a baby corner at the moment.
  • There’ll be no sharing of equipment and whilst I’ll have sanitised spare mats and resistance bands with me, ideally you’ll bring your own with you. (You can purchase kit when booking into classes if you’d like me to source it for you or you can source your own – I recommend a long resistance band and a mini loop as a minimum. And both can often be gotten for free from varying providers on this review website. I can’t comment on the quality having not tried them all.)
  • It’s not safe or permitted at the moment to do pad work, so I won’t be running a specific Boxercise for moms class, but I will weave bits of boxing themed aerobics into the other sessions.
  • Please arrive changed and ready to exercise and bring your own water bottle with you so that contact points can be reduced.
  • And when you do arrive, please scan the venue’s track and trace QR code with your NHS track and trace app
  • I’ll correct any form issues with verbal cues to avoid physical contact and we’ll keep the music volume at a level which avoids the need to shout.

The amazing team at Moor Pool hall have worked really hard to ensure that the space is fit for use and so from now on there’ll be:

  • a one-way system in operation throughout the hall with 2m intervals clearly marked.
  • a hand sanitising station at the entrance, along with signage to remind everyone to wash hands regularly and what to do if you’re displaying any symptoms. The kitchen and toilets will obviously continue to have hand-washing facilities and you’re most welcome / encouraged to have your own hand sanitiser with you, which can be applied at any time / during water breaks / etc.
  • gaps between classes to allow for additional cleaning of all key contact points, toilets, emptying of bins, etc.

Finally, should you display any symptoms of COVID-19, please:

  • follow current NHS guidelines;
  • refrain from attending class until you’re well AND it’s safe to do so; and
  • let me know if you have already been in contact with me or anyone else in class so that we can put the necessary procedures into place.

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