Diet, gut health, hormones & their connection to migraines

According to the National Migraine Centre, “migraine is the third most common chronic disease in the world, affecting an estimated one in seven people.” 25 million workdays are thought to be lost in the UK alone, costing the Government £3.4bn per year!

And females (post puberty) are 2-3 times more likely to suffer from them than men.

Whilst no-one has yet devised a strategy to eradicate them, there are definite links between migraines and our diet, gut health and hormones, so I wanted to share the following resources for any of you that are suffering.

This video by the amazing Michelle Lyons, women’s health physiotherapist extraordinaire!


Episode 68 of The Doctor’s kitchen podcast – eating for migraines with Dr Jessica Briscoe and Dr Katy Munro.

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