Are you wearing the right sized bra? And why does it matter?

Over the years all sorts of stats have been quoted, usually suggesting that c. 80% of women are wearing the wrong sized bra. I’ve no idea if there’s actually any research behind this, but I raise it because many of my clients struggle with back pain during pregnancy and their postnatal recovery.

Back pain is typically attributable to the extra strain on a woman’s core during this period, along with changes in breast size and posture. And whilst a well-fitted bra doesn’t cancel the need for core prehab and rehab, it will reduce the strain on your back from your larger than normal breasts. And it will also help you to adopt a better posture.

Like shopping for any other item as a woman, sizes are not equal across different brands and styles of bra, so shop around & ask for help where you need it.

Some useful guidance can be found here and my challenge for you today is to check how your current bra is fitting and to take action where needed!

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