Gut health

Gut health & constipation have a significant impact on both your health & wellbeing and core & pelvic floor.

The gut and the brain are intrinsically linked and more and more research is being published into this gut brain axis, our microbiome and things like leaky gut syndrome (a theory which suggests that a leaky bowel is the direct cause of many significant and widespread health issues).

Whilst scientists haven’t sussed out all of the specifics yet, it has become clear that having a happy, healthy gut is absolutely fundamental to both our physical and mental health and wellbeing. 70% of our immune system activity takes place in and around the gut and the bacteria and micro organisms that live in the gut and perform useful functions for us outnumber human cells by almost a hundred to one, but we’re typically living lifestyles that kill those bacteria rather than help them to thrive and support us.

Current research suggests that we should be eating:

  • more prebiotic foods (so plant based fibre like broccoli, asparagus stem, flax and chicory which support these bacteria)
  • more probiotic foods (so natural foods like kimchi, sauerkraut & probiotic yoghurts or supplements) that introduce more live bacteria. Just beware of the sugar laden probiotic drinks that some companies are promoting. I choose to take a supplement personally.
  • polyphenol rich foods like cacao, dark green leafy vegetables, beetroot and spices like turmeric which make the quality of the gut lining better

(And if you had a c-section recently, beware that the anti-biotics you’ll have been given will have wiped out the good bacteria in your gut.)

Gut health isn’t just about bacteria though. Constipation is a major cause of issues in many women…bowel movements are one of the body’s major detoxification pathways so not going for a poo daily (yes daily, it should be that often ideally) can be toxic to your body, detrimental to healing any diastasis / abdominal separation and detrimental to any prolapse or pelvic floor weakness.

Here’s the link to another article I wrote on constipation. Do check it out if you’re struggling. Anything which inflames, aggravates or stops your gut from doing what it needs to is generally something we need to change.

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