Who are you really? And what do you really want?

There’s been a real theme in some of the things I’ve been reading recently around being authentically you and about breaking down the barriers (both real, but more often perceived) that prevent us from creating a life that we thrive in and feel passionate about.

So let me ask you to reflect on a couple of questions today…

  • If you won the lottery and had no limits, what would you do on a daily basis? (Forget the things you’d buy, what would your actual life look like…how would you spend your time? What simple pleasures would you enjoy? What would you do to benefit other people?)
  • What big dreams did you have as a child?
  • What inspiration and ideas has this generated for potential change in your life? And how could you work towards them?

Change isn’t easy, I know…it took me a long while to build up the courage to leave a 16-year career with PwC (the world’s largest progressional services firm). From the outside I had an amazing job and lifestyle, but I wasn’t happy. So I turned my back on the security it provided, the status, the great wage that afforded amazing holidays, the pension, the private medical, the company car and all of the other things that society teaches us to value. And I traded it for the rollercoaster of working for myself and starting from scratch. And I’ve never been happier…that’s not to say that there are challenges and low moments (and the bank balance is definitely not what it was), but overall I get to study things that fascinate me and use that information to improve other people’s lives on a daily basis, whilst working flexibly around what’s important to me.

It might not be easy, but it doesn’t mean it’s not possible and you owe it to yourself to try. But to give yourself a fighting chance you need to really focus on the changes you’d like to make and how you could make them, instead of building a case for why it can’t work.

I’ll leave you with this short, thought-provoking video created by Becs, a very clever lady I met at CrossFit who, at 37 and with no formal qualifications, followed her dream of going to medical school and is now smashing it in her second year. Be more Becs…

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