Lockdown habits

How many of these describe your life at the moment?

  • Wearing “active wear” / stretchy waistbands regardless of being active? Or having every intention of working out and the day getting away from you?
  • Sitting for the vast majority of the day? Rarely changing position?
  • Drinking more alcohol than you normally would?
  • Baking more? Comfort eating more frequently?

Whatever your answers, there’s no judgement here. We’re living in crazy times and it’s a common story, but deep down we all know that you’re feeling worse for it. So consider this blog a prompt to shake things up.

  • Look at your upcoming week and work out when would be the best time to work out. Then put those entries in the diary and treat them like you would any other non-negotiable commitment (e.g. a meeting with your boss, an appointment for one of your children, etc.) Make it happen, no excuses (you can thank me later!) Plus you get the added benefit of having more of a routine which can be great for your mental health and might provide a nice separation between work and home life.
  • And if you’re really struggling to find time, have a reflect on the amount of time you’re spending on your phone each day. Are you sure you genuinely don’t have time? You might surprise yourself. (For more on digital detoxing, click here).
  • Working from home / homeschooling doesn’t create a great environment for movement so be the change that you want to see and all that. You can find lots of ideas to get you moving more here.
  • Although we like to think that alcohol helps us to unwind and to sleep, it’s been clearly proven to have a terrible impact on the quality of our sleep and it negatively impacts on our health and wellness so consider the positives of taking a break from alcohol and find other ways to help yourself unwind.
  • Comfort eating and stress relief can be difficult ones to address initially, but there are huge benefits to be gained from finding more positive and mindful ways to unwind. Really dig deep into what you’re missing at the moment and what you need to nourish yourself.

Let me know what’s working for you (or what you need help with) and if you’re ready to focus on your nutrition and wellbeing, get yourself signed up for my next nutrition jumpstart. Here’s what one of the most recent participants had to say about it…

Kerry’s nutrition jumpstart is the single most effective thing I’ve tried in my life in terms of making sustainable and healthy changes to my diet! A great format – easy to keep up with the daily videos, really informative, a supportive atmosphere and I felt totally in control of the changes I was making. I’d recommend it!


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