When the going gets tough, the tough get going

We’ve talked before about our inner voices and today we’re focused on the one that tells you to quit during a workout. Or to do less reps. Or to dial it back a bit. Or to not even get started. 

Just to be clear, this is NOT aimed at those times when your core / pelvic floor NEEDS you to stop / dial it back during a workout.Next time that happens I want you to override it with positivity, which might look any or all of the following…

  • Telling yourself (in your head or, more powerfully, out loud), “Yes, you’ve got this, keep going!”
  • Remind yourself of how you felt overcoming physical challenges before and set yourself up for that high.
  • Thinking about how you’ll feel after the workout. Or at some point in the future as you hit your goals. And harnessing the power of that vision.
  • Imagining you’re working out with a friend who’s flagging. What would you say to her/him? Apply that advice to yourself.

And get those reps in!

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