Has your weight loss stalled?

Many clients really prioritise their nutrition whilst they’re seeing the lbs come off, but when their weight loss plateaus (which it invariable will!), they struggle to stay motivated and often find themselves reverting to choices which are less positive or which undo much of their hard work.

Let’s change the way we measure success! Rome wasn’t built in a day and weight loss isn’t linear. All because you haven’t seen any reduction in weight this week doesn’t mean you haven’t made progress. What is working and feeling positive at the moment?

  • Do your clothes fit better? Is your shape changing? A tape measure tells much more of a story than scales ever will.
  • Are you feeling stronger and achieving more in your workouts?
  • If you’ve got more energy, you’re sleeping better and generally in a better mood, that’s a massive win! And you can bet your nutrition has played a big role in it.
  • If you’re enjoying your food mindfully, feeling satisfied after / between meals and eating less junk food then you’ve made amazing changes, which makes this more of a sustainable lifestyle and no longer a diet.

And don’t forget to think about where you are in your menstrual cycle because it matters!

So if you’re feeling disheartened flip things on its head. Look for the positives and focus on additional positives things that you can add to your lifestyle, rather than focusing on things you need to take out of it. How we view the world makes all the difference.

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