Portion sizes

Many of us typically eat bigger meals than our bodies need and many of us don’t know how big a portion of something should be. But lots of weighing and measuring is totally impractical – busy women don’t have that kind of time available!

So here’s a really quick and simple technique that you can get started with today. All you need is a hand!

  • Your palm size represents the amount of protein you need (think eggs, fish, poultry, lean red meat, plain greek yogurt, tempeh, cultured cottage cheese and lentils and beans for plant based eaters)
  • Your fist size represents the amount of veggies you need
  • Your cupped hand represents the amount of carbs you need (think vegetables, whole grain products, pulses, quinoa, etc.)
  • And your thumb size represents the amount of fat you need (think dairy, avocado, nuts & seeds, extra virgin olive oil, etc.)

Et voila!

(Taken from my Precision Nutrition level 1 coaching textbook)

To be clear, this is your starting point. You may need to then adjust this up or down slightly, to reflect things like how often you eat, your activity levels, if you’re breastfeeding and ultimately base on the results that you’re seeing and feeling. You should not feel hungry all of the time if you’re eating well.

So your challenge today is to start noticing your portion sizes, tweaking them as necessary and only eating more if you are genuinely hungry (see here for more on this).

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