Let your cup run over!

I touched on this in my newsletter this week (https://bit.ly/supportinlockdown), but want to go a step further today to ensure we’re all focusing on our mental health at the moment.

Of course my hubby and kids are my priority and my business is important, but I’m doing my best to prioritise me! I’m trying to fill my cup with things that bring me joy, soothe my nervous system, calm my mind and are good for my soul. And not just once a week or as a token, but as much as I can each day.

So here’s some of what I’m aiming to do this lockdown…

  • Whilst I’m still doing mobile personal training, I have much less of a commute at the moment due to classes and massages being prohibited. And that extra time is NOT going to be spent on housework! Instead I’m using it to focus on my own workouts & goals, to connect with my husband for an hour in the day when the girls are out, to study things that interest me & to get to bed on time, rather than working all evening!
  • I’m massively reducing the time I spend listening to the news and using social media and I’m deleting & muting things that absorb too much of my attention for little / no benefit.
  • I’m fuelling my obsession with escape rooms by playing them virtually. And I’m going all in for my friend’s 40th in full 1920’s ‘flapper’ fancy dress with cocktails being delivered whilst we play a virtual murder mystery together on Zoom.
  • I’m taking daily walks with friends individually so we get some proper time to connect, without distraction, whilst reaping the benefits of being in nature.
  • Whilst I’m not abstaining from alcohol completely this month (due to the aforementioned shindig!) I am pretty much going without and instead focusing more on non-food / drink things to make me feel better on down / tough days. So think Spacemasks, nice nails, bubble baths with a good book and catching up on the plethora of good movies that have come out since the girls took over my life and my cinema trips stopped.
  • plus lots of random (and totally out of tune) singing and dancing around my house because it’s good for the soul and because singing is great way to stimulate your Vagus Nerve. (The Vagus Nerve is a key part of your parasympathetic “rest and digest” nervous system. It influences your breathing, digestive function and heart rate, all of which can have a huge impact on your mental health.)

What’s on your list? I’d love to hear!

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